Bad Fics 'R' Us

Join us in our love of writing bad!fic. We're a grammar/plot optional community

The Raven Dhancer fanfiction society
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This is a 'round robin' style bad!fic writing community, meaning members take turns in writing a story which would send many fanfiction authors running for the hills. We write bad!fic, plain and simple. And Baby, you never had it so good.

Inuyasha characters at the mall getting a makeover - we got it.

LOTR High School AU - we'll get it.

Andrew Loyd Webber musical/Harry Potter crossover - we got em.

Sesshoumaru in tight leather pants after his sex change - we got him.

Antonio Banderas mpreg - um, well maybe. (even we have our limits)

Okay, must admit that no one here has actually written any of this YET, but they will. Oh yes, they will.

Sound interesting? Read the FAQs, join, and have fun!

Works in Progress:
Dangerous Curves
Hitler and the Hanyous

Past Stories:
Wolves in Designer Clothing